Amazing Cooler Buckets to Buy Right Now

Over the years my shop has accumulated a ton of cooler buckets. Buckets from dollar stores, Home Depot, not to mention buckets from floral suppliers. They were all shapes, sizes and colors. Nothing quite matched, sizes were never just right for the flowers that needed to go into them. Then, Syndicate Sales came out with a new line of cooler buckets for florists a year ago that is a florist’s dream.

Tired of dealing with all the mismatched cooler buckets, not to mention they were getting less and less attractive, besides getting harder to clean, these gorgeous containers had several characteristics that I was looking for:

• Color-Black, great elegant color that never goes out of style and can work for your back cooler as well as in your front display cooler

• Sizes-Comes in a wide range of sizes, including low wide buckets that are great for cash & carry bouquets as well as big tall buckets that are perfect for glads and other line flowers.

• Lip-All the buckets have a nice lip that you can grab to lift the bucket by one hand

• Grids-A unique feature of these buckets are the grids that come with the wider buckets that can be placed atop the containers to separate the flowers into different colors and varieties. I especially like them to keep glads, snapdragons and lilies from touching each other, so they don’t get bruised.

Question: What buckets do you use? Buckets from various stores, proconas?

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