An Amazing Flower to Take Your Breath Away

The Charmelia Alstroemeria

One of the first flowers I fell in love with when I really realized I wanted to be a florist was the alstroemeria. I”ll never forget that day. I was working for a florist in New York in the late 1970’s and it was just around the time Holland flowers started having an impact in the United States.


Every week I would call my dad and we would just talk about what was going on in our lives. I would tell him all the cool things I was doing in New York and he’d be telling about what was happening back home. Maybe we’d talk about a ballgame we saw on t.v. or a current event. I remember one time I was telling him about the unbelievable flowers we got in from Holland. One was the alstroemeria. He had never heard of it. Of course, in the flower business today everyone has heard of it, since it is one of our most widely used flower. Back then in the late 1970’s it just started coming into the U.S. I told my dad how long it lasted and the fact that it had multiple breaks with lots of flowers on the stem. One of my favorite flower back then. Beautiful and unusual. I’m still in love with it.


Since my first introduction to alstroemeria this flowers had become super popular  with lots of colors, longer life and very affordable. Recently, my wholesaler gave me a sample of a new variety of alstroemeria to try called ‘Charmelia‘. It took everyone here at Knight’s breath away. Here are some of fantastic characteristics of this amazing flower:

  • Bloom count: unlike all other alstroemeria that have 4-6 blooms per stem, Charmelia has 20 or more blooms per stem!
  • Vase life: while many alstroemeria have a vase life of over two weeks, Charmelia lasts over 3 weeks.
  • Color: a gorgeous blush pink that keeps its color for weeks without fading
  • Bloom structure: trails up the break like freesia and unlike other alstroemeria all the blooms stay on the stem and don’t fall off after they die
  • Weddings: perfect for wedding bouquets and  blush pink and green color of the blooms will compliment many color palates



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3 thoughts on “An Amazing Flower to Take Your Breath Away

  1. Dear Dean,

    Since this week there is also Charmelia White available, with the same great features. Please ask your wholesaler to ask his Dutch flower exporter, probably Holex, a fellow Dutch Flower Group member.

  2. Where can I find these to plant? I live in Rhode Island. I found them in my local market and they lasted over three weeks in a vase. Then I topped them and still
    have the tops in water. I am a person, not a store. Can you help? Please? 😉

  3. I purchased some Charmelia almost two weeks ago. They had just arrived and had very tight buds with only the bottom flowers fully open but were already pretty. The leaves are still fresh looking unlike other alstroemeria after this long. The beautiful little blooms are now a light pink with a few darker pinks near the bottom of the stems. I have added water almost daily. At this rate they should last over three weeks. I have a new favorite flower now!