5 Pitfalls to Buying Your Wedding Flowers Online

Many couples has they plan out their wedding stumble across ads on the internet for beautiful wedding flowers that can be shipped to you at prices much lower than your local florist. These ads are temping with beautiful photos of exotic flowers with unbelievable prices. Unfortunately, there are some dangerous pitfalls that brides to be […]

Hypericum-a flower with unusual medicinal properties

This flower, which has been around for several thousand years, has only been available in the United States since 2001. Commonly known as St John’s Wort’s, it’s been hailed as a miracle cure from everything from depression, sunburns,insomnia, skin disorders and even bed wetting. Although none of these cures have been scientifically proven. In the […]

Dazzling Dahlias

Right now is peak season for dahlias, late summer early fall. These amazing flowers come in an extraordinary range of colors and some dahlia blooms can be huge.  Our dahlias are grown for us by Skyline Flower Growers in California, one of this country’s premier dahlia growers. Dahlias are native to Mexico and are part […]

How I got to become friends with one of the giants in the floral industry-part 2

For most of the history of the floral industry in the United States if you were a retail florist or wholesaler and wanted to know something about the care and handling of cut flowers you usually got it from reading articles in trade publications or a rep from Smither’s-Oasis, Floralife or Chrysal (who were usually […]

How I got to become friends with one of the giants of the flower industry

Last week I attended the PRO Institute in Davis, CA on the care and handling of cut flowers and plants, presented by Dr George Staby, one of the foremost authorities in the history of post harvest care of cut flowers and plants along Dr Michael Reid, who is also a world renowned flower care expert. […]