1944 Jellico Train Wreck

This weeks train derailment in Philadelphia brought back memories of the famous train wreck of July 6,1944 that happened in our area in which 34 solders died and over 100 were injured. It was one of the worst train disasters in US history. ¬†Ironically, just like the Philadelphia wreck, excessive speed was the leading cause […]

Quack Quack Stories

Just when I thought I heard it all about the Quack Quacks, I stumble across a person that fills me in on the facts, plus a few interesting stories to boot. The person prefers to remain anonymous, so I keep it that way. Where They Lived Some facebook posters have called them the Quack Quacks […]

The Quack Quack’s of Lake City

Recently, I posted a picture of Shag Branch on my Facebook page that generated a lot of discussion about not only Shag, but other characters about town that lived in Lake City, Lois Irwin commented about the Quack Quack girls and asked if anyone had heard of them. No one really had, including me. So […]

1825 Picture of a New River Man

Is this the oldest known picture of someone living in Anderson County? I know it’s only a charcoal drawing, but it looks lifelike. Hard to believe that there could be one any older than this that’s dated 1825. Here’s a brief biography of John Reynolds. Pretty interesting! John Reynolds (1808 – 1891). My father’s mother’s […]