The #1 Reason Flowers Die

There is no magic flower food or product that will keep flowers living longer if you have dirty water. Good clean water and clean buckets will do more to extend the life of your flowers than any flower food.

For years in my shop I always thought we did a great job cleaning our buckets. It took just one mistake of an employee that ended up with a whole box of hydrangeas that wilted the next day. Luckily, we didn’t use them on a big wedding or funeral. That would have been a very costly mistake. Since this incident we follow very strict guidelines that make sure we have clean buckets and clean water for our flowers. Follow these simple rules and you’ll see dramatic improvement in the quality and vase life of your flowers.

  • Make an investment in new cooler buckets. This was one of the best investments we made in our shop. We dumped ALL our old buckets. We invested in a complete new line of buckets that had just come out from Syndicate Sales. 
  • Use professional cleaning solution. Floralife, Chrysal and Syndicate Sales all have great professional bucket cleaners for florists. 1 gallon, which will cost less than $30 will last for months.
  • Clean buckets every time you use them. Invest in some good scrub brushes of various types and handle sizes and make it a point to never put flowers in a bucket until it has been cleaned.
Question: How do you clean your buckets? Any tips that your shop uses to keep buckets clean? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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