Walking on Sunshine

If there were ever a flower that evokes the bright sunny outdoors it sunflowers. It’s one of the few posies that never go out of style. Sunflowers come in lots of different sizes. The mini sunflowers which are the size of baseball to huge sunflowers that are as big as a soccer ball. There are even little chrysanthemums called viking poms the size of a button that look just like a sunflower that are great in corsages and boutonnieres.

Some sunflowers have green centers and other have black centers. The petals can be bright yellow to a darker mustard yellow. Really cool are the two toned petals that are yellow on the edges and a rusty redish brown closer to the center. Also, sunflowers can be dyed with the most popular color being red.

Sunflower Varieties

Sunflowers are available year-around and at Knight’s we have them just about 50 out of 52 weeks a year. When someone wants an arrangement to cheer someone up and bring a little sunshine in a room you just can’t go wrong with these beauties.

When summer and fall comes around bridal couples just can’t get enough of radiant yellow sunflowers in their bouquets, reception flowers and for decoration. Doing an outdoor wedding, or barn wedding. oh my gosh, these settings scream sunflowers, with jute ribbon and a touch of greens you’ve got a classy country wedding. An added bonus is that sunflowers will stay fresh without wilting in the hot sunny outdoors!

We sell sunflowers from around $2 to $3 per stem and even better deals if you buy in bulk. Check us out.


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